Mark Schmudde

Mark is highly trained and a very experienced multimedia artist.  Thank you for visiting. Please contact Mark with any questions. 



Over 26 years of training and professional work

Along with Mark's natural talent, he has attended Columbia College in  Chicago and Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Orlando,  and workshops to continuously hone his skills.

Makeup Artistry

Mark has been employed as a makeup artist for companies/organizations such as Boeing, National Safely Council and many more.  He is very accomplished with makeup and still photography as well as film. He also has done numerous weddings.  What is listed below are only highlights of Marks talent.  Please look around his entire site. 

Body Paint

Unlike commercial makeup, body painting is an art in itself.  Mark excels in this genre because he is an artist doing canvas paintings, pencil drawings and more. 

Special Effects

Mark's special effects work is phenomenal. From bloody accident scenes to creating full size "creatures", Mark is extremely capable beyond expectations.  

Color Splasherz

Mark has taken his talent and reaches out to others by running painting classes.  Young and old, no experience to lots of experience, every enjoys his classes..  


Mark started with a paint brush at the age of 8.  His painting quality has progressed over the years to what you see today.  Please take a look - select pieces are for sale.